Liberating home sales data for analysis purposes.


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Where does the home sales data come from?

While home sales data is publically available, it is not readily accessible. There are many disparate systems that lack federation. Members of the OpenHouse community help collect data from any sources they are able to find and centralize this data into the OpenHouse database, making is accessible to anyone.

How can I get access for my own purposes?

You can consume our API directly, even without an account. Check out our Gallery where you can interact directly with the dataset or even quickly extract the curl request appropriate for your needs.

The legalities of this data are a little murky. Since all transfer of deeds are registered with local governing bodies, and that information is in the public record, these transactions have no restrictions on being recorded or aggregated. Yet, the OpenHouse Project acknowledges that there may exist juristictions for which county or state laws place some restrictions. We have every intention of complying with all local, state, and federal laws. To date, we have had no problems or objections. In fact, several government open data advocates have shown support for OpenHouse. However, if we are in any way unintentionally violating any laws, we are eager to discuss compliance. Please reach out to to discuss any issues.

Why are you working to make this data available?

Purchasing a home is a significant financial decision - one which most people will make a small number of times in their life. Such decisions should be informed by data, and we believe everyone has a right to a well informed dataset upon which to formulate a decision as significant as purchasing a home. Additionally, the changes in home prices has a great deal of sociological and economic research value. OpenHouse seeks to make grainual transactional data available to all parties for whatever interest they have in it.

OpenHouse is a “spin off” project of the Data Skeptic podcast. It was founded by executive producer Kyle Polich and survives with the support of volunteers. Data Skeptic continues to support OpenHouse financially and in any way it can.

What sort of technology does OpenHouse use?

Our volunteers help shape the technology stack. Check out our various github repos to see what we are up to!

I found a bug or issue. What should I do?

Awesome, and thank you! Please file a github issue.